Braked Rope and Wheel With Swivel Arm Attachment

Health & Safety Executive Guidelines state that you should only carry light materials or tools up to a maximum weight of 10kg.  If you are planning to carry anything heavier than 10 kg, you need a hoist.  For further information, visit their website information about safe use of ladders:

SECURPULLEY is a safe alternative to a simple rope and wheel.

The exclusive braking system stops the lifted load as the rope is released by the operator, thus eliminating the risk of the suspended load falling if the rope is accidentally released.  Works equally well when lowering loads.
Suitable for scaffold erection and other smaller building jobs.

A more cost effective alternative to mechanical hoists.


  • Safe Working Load 50 KG
  • Maximum Height 30 Metres

Supplied with:

  • fixing Pole
  • Rope complete with carbine hook